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About The Goldfields

The goldfields conjures up many images of swashbuckling miners and  emaciated landscapes covered in tents battling over diminished waterways. Harsh conditions bred tough independent and resilient men and women who were well able to rely on their own resources. The Victorian Goldfields was borne out of the 1850s Victorian Gold rush with many towns being created and disbanded as gold was discovered and alluvial mining soon followed by deep shaft mining.  The relics of this era stud the landscape leaving a trail of disbanded stunning Victorian architecture.  Miners cottages can be found alongside imposing Georgian private and public buildings.  

The Australian gold rush bought major economic social and political change.  The Eureka rebellion in 1854 a fight over miners rights initiated our separation from the authority of the United Kingdom. Around 150 diggers were barricaded in the stockade at the time of the rebellion. 4 soldiers and 30 others were killed and 120 imprisoned. Thirteen people were charged with treason were tried and found not guilty or charges dropped.  THIS IS REMARKABLE and turned the tide of Australian history.  The Eureka stockade is referred to as the birthing place of Australian democracy.  

A similar rebellion is occurring currently with many retirees and families gravitating from the cities to rural Australia seeking to capture a lifestyle that is grounded in caring country communities and connected to landscape.  

I will showcase and give your information on many  attractive regional areas to ensure you make the right tree change for you.

About Portland And The Discovery Coast

You will also learn about Portland and how it became Victoria's first European settlement famed for its deep port and 19th century buildings

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